Doctor Who

New obsession lately is Doctor Who. Love this show


A friend was travelling through Laos and Vietnam and met this little fella


A friend was travelling through Laos and Vietnam and met this little fella

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Thought on Asian Men

Most Asian men are so annoyingly rude, selfish, immature, and helpless from what I’ve seen and experienced. Not to mention judgmental. Everything an Asian woman, daughter, girl do is completely wrong. Good or bad, we’re wrong. You do something good for them, they despise how or what you did. Why it couldn’t be better or done it “his” way. They think they’re king, God, the smart person in the world, in control of everything and only “they” matter and everyone else is a grain of sand. They’re pushy and contradicting and hypocrites. Irritate us women and evil in many ways of how they act, speak and look.
Seriously, if they’re so damn great and capable, why the hell am I making fucking rice for them? This isn’t Ancient times or the jungle some 100 years ago. There’s a rice cooker to do the job. There’s no need to stand in front of a gas stove or propane tank and cook it there for hours and days. FML and other Asian women/girls out there who actually try to be a good people and better their life.
Asian Men would never survive without Asian women and children to do their jobs. All they know is eat, fuck, shit, sleep, and terrorize. They won’t cook for themselves if there is a wife or daughter. If they have to cook then another tantrum begins. It’s basically a battle every time, every day. They think cooking is a women/daughter job. Also, cleaning and just everything. The handicap and Mentally Challenged people are more capable and will to be independent. Asian men can be so lazy and disgusting seriously. Their poison words and evil glares and violent gorilla attitudes disgusts me. If they don’t get what they want, they become a 5yr old kid and begin tantrums. They scream shout, or maybe even hit or punch a hole in the wall; whatever is in their view. They may even fumble and trip over their tongue with a few words that might sound like “Get Bitch” and “fucker Bitch”. But that’s not all. They will be pissed for days and days and hold grudges and is a total DICK for the entire time. Talk about immature… It’s pathetic and ignominious! Oh! Not only that but they prey on the weak. On the people who are smaller and weaker. People who have been controlled their whole lives or to the point where they have no say in anything.
The only way to escape this Tyranny is: 1. DEATH 2. LEAVE 3. You’ll have to KILL THEM (lol no don’t do that). It’s really you die or leave if you don’t want to be controlled for the rest of your life. They just want their enjoyment of being a tyrant. They make the STUPIDEST choices and decisions in life that screws them over BIG time. Guess it works out in the end. They get what they deserved. Karma served on a platter. SO whatever, I don’t care about Asian men and what they think. In reality they are the dependent ones, not us.

To my dad, I sit in my room all day twirling my thumbs. When In reality it would be the other way around. At least I try to fix my fucked up life and try not to trip or fuck up along the way as he had. Damn! This is my life and I’m not even fucked up but feel like it cause I’m not in control!!! Ughhhh! 😡 it’s like my dreams all died.

ranting my pathetic life.

I think i really need to pray and meditate or something. Really…I’m so sick of my life. There’s this feeling that i just can’t let go. I’m so angry and upset that my life is terrible and there’s noone there to talk to or make me feel like everything is going to be okay. But there’s noone there and those who are close to me are too busy with their life to be there for me. At my darkest hour, i feel so lost and just full of anger. I think i’ve had feeling for so long since i was a kid that it just kept building up and up to the point where i just dont care to do anything with my life anymore. But i keep trying just to be put down again. I’ll never be happy. I must be cursed! seriously…oh well…ranting on with my pathetic worthless life. I could really die right now and it wouldn’t be a problem. just be one of those people who suddenly just ended…

I hate my life

I wished I just died. Hate my petty little life. Nothing good ever happens to me. It’s like I’m waiting to die. My career path isn’t working out, my life with my family is terrible, I’m alone and on my own mentally. Makes me want to run away.