I may respect my stepmom b/c she’s the mother of my siblings. But, I dislike her so much.

Sometimes my siblings are so hateful. Little bro is in time out and pees on the bed and I have to shower him. As soon as he’s done little sis spills milk all over me and herself and the sofa and now she won’t listen to me. Fml

Thought of the day: Four leaf clover

So my dad and I are Babysitting my cousins and siblings. We decide to take them all outside to play in the sprinkler & ride bike. After riding bike for a long time, we decide to play badminton. My dad kept looking in the grass. Guessing he’s trying to find a four leaf clover? I thought. Anyways, he shouts out “Hey, I found a four leaf clover!” I rush to take a look and saw it. He then said he was going to take a picture of it. Then forgot what he was doing and asked, “wait, I forgot what I was doing”! I said “you were going to take a picture of it”! & he said “oh yeah”! but where is it now”!? I’ll say, there where so many three leaf clovers all over the yard. But somehow I looked down directly at it and said “right there” and pointed right at it and we all burst out laughing. Laughing my dad said, “it’s easily to spot it once u see it”. So he took pictures and stuck a little branch and stuck it next to the four leaf clover. The rest of us just went back to what we were doing, playing badminton.

An old updo i did back in May 2014. I’d always practice doing updos when work was slow.

An old updo i did back in May 2014. I’d always practice doing updos when work was slow.

@the MN Zoo for the third time and w/out my older sis again. Ugh, so boring.

Hanging out with my guy cousins who are visiting from michigan and their girlfriends! It was super fun and I wished they lived near so we won’t be so lonely! ;)

Gosh I hate being forced to go somewhere I don’t want to go to such as the store to shop for clothes. I hate shopping for clothes! Makes me mad when my family acts ridiculous. Mean, rude, pushy and irritating!😡

Sometimes I wished I was the kind of sister my sister liked. I’ve always fancied her since we were little and looked up to her even now. But knowing, I’m just a pest. I hope I can be less irritating and annoying.

I believe I’m already dead. Just a walking carcass waiting for the wind to blow me into ashes.

I Hate my life. My dad is so MEANl, my sisters hate me. My brother is mean and my stepmom is lazy and self absorbed. I hate myself. I’m always in trouble. My life sucks. I want to die so bad. One day I’ll prolly just go somewhere and kill myself. No one loves or care about me. I wished I died. Everyone will be happy then. Why couldn’t I die and my mom lived. Or die with her. My dad never sticks up for me or talks nice to me. All he does is yell at me or say mean things to me. It’s why I’m a fuck up even though I don’t do drugs or steal or have sex. I’ve never done anything bad and yet I feel like I’ve done worse than a person who has killed someone. To this breaking point I don’t care if I die anymore. It’s better than living in hell on earth.

I feel soo sick as if I have the flu. But I’m wondering if it’s an allergic reaction to what I have eaten. I feel better right now just because I ate meds and an Asian pear. Then I made tea so my throat won’t be so sore. Now my eyes hurt and feel really bruised :’( getting sick to top my crappy job. Could really use a shoulder right now. Oh man and babysitting is terrible b/c the two siblings are being really mean. Also my dad is mad at my stepmom and not being very nice. Im so sad cause i’m stuck with ungrateful ppl. The only person who I can tlk to is my sis and she’s working late shift. My cousin Therese is busy w/many things too and I just have no one to speak to. :’(